Pair Foot Tapping Music With Lip Smacking Food At The Playlist Pizzeria Mumbai

Pair Foot Tapping Music With Lip Smacking Food At The Playlist Pizzeria Mumbai

We never say no to pizza and we’re sure that all pizza lovers will relate to this. There’s nothing quite like sipping on a chilled beer with your favourite kind of pizza; and with The Playlist Pizzeria, we found that you could pick your own music too. Do check out their roof with packed with popular band posters. They also have a dedicated place where you can play vines, listening to your kind of music with your favourite food! That being the traditional way, the modern way is to download their app and request songs. Awesome, right?

Food At The Playlist Pizzeria

We sipped on New York Sour at The Playlist Pizzeria as we waited for our food to arrive. The drink was really refreshing and we thoroughly enjoyed it with Playlist’s Signature Garlic Bread and Chicken Nachos. The garlic bread has a thin layer of bread that helps you appreciate the delicious garlic and cheese flavour. Apart from the unique garlic bread, their nachos too were a delight. Doused with cheese sauce on top, the tortilla chips have generous amount of minced chicken, salsa and sour cream as you start to dig in the bowl. We really enjoyed munching on this cheesy treat!

For our pizza we picked a half and half – Smooth Criminal and Satisfaction. The latter is a meaty pizza and you could smell the bacon distinctly. This also had ham, salami and generous helping of cheese making it a true meat feast. We also enjoyed the vegetarian half of the pizza which was topped with paneer tikka, caramelised onion, corn and broccoli. The paneer exuded great flavours but the caramelised onions made this pizza absolutely lip smacking. We highly recommend that you come down to The Playlist Pizzeria soon and try out their yummy food real soon!


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