Oysters, Poached Mussels, Lobster Thermidor & More at the Seafood Night at JW Kitchen

Even though the Ooru isn’t exactly close to the sea, there are still plenty of seafood lovers here in the Garden City. When we discovered that JW Marriott was hosting Seafood Night at JW Kitchen, we jumped at the chance to get a little fishy!

As soon as we entered JW Kitchen we were greeted by a plethora of seafood, from raw oysters (yum) to slow-cooked Kerala style fish. One of the things that we realised right away, was that this was no ordinary Seafood Night, and that we were in for a treat!

We started things off with some deliciously fresh oysters (the JW team may just change your mind about oysters if you have any doubts), wine-poached mussels, and poached prawns. The mussels were honestly some of the best we’ve ever had, and the oysters were an absolute treat!

Oysters, Poached Mussels, Lobster Thermidor & More at the Seafood Night at JW Kitchen

Next, we moved on to the sushi station (how could you not have a Seafood Night without sushi) and chowed down some delicious Tuna Nigri, Salmon Nigri, as well as a delightful inside out crab roll with gorgeous roe that created an exciting textural pop (yes, we asked for seconds).

Of course, we had to try the delicious Lobster Thermidor (not just for the ‘Gram, mind you) as well as the stuffed oysters – if you like continental food this is your jam! Don’t forget to try out the Indian counter either, because we absolutely loved the fish slow-cooked in banana leaves that came in four different styles (in case you’re wondering, our favourite was the Patrani Macchi).

One of our favourite things about the Seafood Night at JW Kitchen was that it was a buffet, so we didn’t have to worry about portion control or about missing out on different types of cuisines, or techniques because they had ’em all! Seafood Night at JW Marriott is happening twice this month (#lucky) so if you feel like getting on a ”seafood diet” you know what to do!

Date: 13th & 27th September 2018

Time: 7:30 pm to 11:00 pm

Price:  INR 1950 ++

For Reservations: Call – 080671 89999