Owner Of Paris Restaurant Under Investigation For Refusing To Serve Two Muslim Women

The owner of a high end restaurant in Paris is under investigation for displaying racial discrimination after he refused to allow two Muslim women to dine in his restaurant.

Le Cenacle

The Incident

When two veiled women entered Le Cenacle in Tremblay-en-France, the restaurant’s owner refused to serve them and asked them to leave saying “Terrorists are Muslims and all Muslims are terrorists.”

Le Cenacle Racism

The incident was recorded and shared on social media and reveals the woman replying “We don’t want to be served by racists.” The man responds; “Racists don’t kill people.” He further said “I don’t want people like you at my place. Full stop.”

The Aftermath

Following the encounter, several media sites called for a boycott on the restaurant and members of a local Muslim community gathered outside the restaurant demanding an apology. Additionally, the Committee Against Islamophobia in France stated they would provide “emotional and legal support” to the women.

Meanwhile, the government has directed Dilcra – a anti-racism body – to investigate the incident.

The restaurant owner has since apologised, saying that he had a friend who was killed in the attack at Bataclan.