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Organic – Is it Really Worth It?


Have you ever thought about why more people are turning towards eating or using organic products? It is certainly evident that around the world more people are participating in better and healthier living regimes, eating organic food and buying organic products is the trendy thing to do now. In fact, on Instagram alone, if you search the hashtag #organic over 17 million people are tagging their healthy living photos in this one hashtag and sharing their organic revolution with the rest of the world. It is pretty much a viral thing!


So, why do people love organic this much and buy organic products? Recently Compare the Market AU conducted a survey called Organic Food: Is it worth it? which reached out to three thousand people in the USA, UK and Australia to explore why or why they do not buy organic foods.


From the survey results, the data showed that the main reason people bought organic was due to health, then came for the environment, for better taste, animal welfare and concern for farm workers. Between the USA, UK and Australia, 33% people in the USA said for health reason, 27% in Australia and 18% in the UK. The main reasons people were not buying organic was simply down to high costs.


If you would like to find out more about what other answers the survey data revealed take a further look below and explore all the pros and cons of each side.