Organic Gastronaut Ice Cream Is A Giant Leap For Mankind!

We’ve all heard about space ice cream and often kids have asked astronauts what they eat for dessert, but nobody has really have talked about what astronaut ice cream really tastes like. But now you can get your hands on some!

Meet Robert Collignon, creator of Organic Gastronaut Ice Cream has set up a Kickstarter campaign to get funding to make this ice cream and share it with the world. While it may not look very exciting, the process of making the ice cream is quite interesting. Collingon freeze-dries “super-premium organic ice cream” in his van – which is his transport, home and office –  which he creates using high-end ingredients from Brooklyn’s Blue Marble Ice Cream, which delivers the crumbly texture for the ice cream, but comes with the great ice cream taste.

Right now, he’s got four flavours – Mint Chocolate Chip, Mexican Chocolate Chip, Cookies & Cream and Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip.

Collingnon started the Kickstarter campaign on the 11th of July and has already surpassed his pledge goal, which obviously means that he’s well on his way to putting this product into motion. He doesn’t deliver to all countries,but you can definitely check it out and see if he does, because imagine slabs of ice cream that will be easy to eat without having to worry about scooping it up into bowl or a cone!

Watch the video below to properly understand what he’s doing.