Oreo’s Next Limited Edition Flavour Includes Popping Candy, Read On For More

Since the beginning of this year, there have been a million new Oreo flavours and if we’re judging by this influx, the cookie brand doesn’t look like they’re stopping anytime soon. And we’re not complaining.

Meet Firework Oreos.

We just got used to the idea of Peeps being inside Oreo cookies and now we’ve got to look forward to fireworks in our cookies too? This is both awesome and strange, even the biggest of Oreo fans have to admit that much.

This version doesn’t have the creme being another colour – which is probably a relief – but mixed in with the creme is popping candy. For those who don’t know what popping candy is, it’s basically Pop Rocks, the magical candy that starts to sizzle and pop when it hits your tongue. So mixed in with the creme is red and blue popping candy, giving it the obvious feel of a 4th of July celebration in your mouth!

As always, thejunkfoodaisle posted an image of the limited-edition flavour that will hit shelves soon. Not only are your Oreo plans for Easter sorted, now you’ve got your Fourth of July celebrations planned as well.