Oreo on a Spree: Releases New Key Lime Flavour

Just two days ago we reported Oreo’s new venture to keep up with the times. They released Oreo Thins which is thinner and crispier than the original Oreo.

Just two days after, we are happy to report their latest new flavour hitting the stores! It’s a Key Lime flavoured version of our beloved cookies. 

Oreo on a Spree: Releases New Key Lime Flavour

These new cookies have replaced Oreo’s iconic chocolate cookies and replace them with graham cracker-flavored ones. A Key lime-flavored filling binds the cookies together.

The packages are slightly smaller than usual: They’ve been slimmed down to 10.7 ounces, while traditional Oreos come in 15.5-ounce packages. 

This isn’t the first time Oreo has released a new flavour. They’ve released cotton candy-inspired OreosRed Velvet Oreos, and even hybrid Oreos