Order A Papa John’s Pizza Through Your Apple TV

Technology has invaded every sphere of our lives. When it comes to food, for instance, there are countless apps to order anything your taste buds desire from sushi to handmade artisanal products to fast food. However, a new innovation will now ensure that you don’t even have to reach for your phone if you’re craving some pizza when watching the tube; customers can now call for a Papa John’s pizza directly through their Apple TV.

Pizza From Your TV

In a move that reminds us of Willy Wonka’s efforts to make chocolate transportable through television, Papa John’s and Apple TV tied up to create an app which lets you build your desired pizza through toppings and order it from your TV.


The app will allow you to save delivery location, credit card information and favourites as well as select from past and saved orders.

Apple TV users ordering a pizza will automatically get a 25% discount on purchases.  

PapaJohns Pizza

This new innovation adds to the list of pizza companies which are brining technology into pizza ordering; Pizza Hut just launched a turntable pizza box, while Domino’s just delivered a pizza using a drone.