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Orange Cheesecake Milkshakes Recipe


It might be a Valentine’s Day special recipe, but who said that everything during Valentine’s Day has to be pink? We’re changing things up a little this year and adding a little more colour to what we all know as a Valentine’s Day colour. Orange is the new pink. 

This recipe can be used for Valentine’s Day or almost any time of the year, you can switch it up with whatever cake you’re craving at the time. The ingredients are all up to you to decide, because there’s no set colour of flavour that the food has to be. Add your favourite flavours because at the end of the day, this is meant for you and your other half. Or hey, just for yourself. And if you’re lazy enough, you can always just buy the cake premade and just add everything else in.

You can find the entire recipe here and then watch the below video to see how we put it all together.