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Oprah Winfrey Launches Her Own Food Brand


Oprah Winfrey is all set to launch her own range of packaged food that includes comfort food like soups and side dishes. The brand called ‘O That’s Good’ is a joint venture between Kraft Heinz and Winfrey.

Talking about the brand Winfrey said in a statement on Wednesday, “This product line is real, delicious food with a twist.” The twist being a touch of health added to the food. For instance, Mashed Potatoes will have Cauliflower and Broccoli Cheddar Soup will have Butternut Squash mixed in them. The food products are all priced under $5 and will be available by October in the US.

The product also aims toward charity with 10% of profits being equally divided and sent to two charities: Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America. This won’t be the first time Winfrey has partnered for charity. In 2014, she got on board with Starbucks for their product ‘chai tea’ and a part of the proceeds went to charity which was Oprah’s leadership foundation.

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