Opinion: How Is Wine By The Glass A Thing?

Recently I was scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook (as one does) when I came across a post which described a service provided by Standard Wines which provides you with a chic little bottle that only holds one glass of wine. Yes, just a single glass of wine (6.3 ounces). Oh, and it costs $8 a pop.

While I’m aware that some believe that wine tastes best when consumed within 24 hours, I’m still not so sure about the benefits of single glass bottles. One obvious benefit is that you can easily slip a glass of wine in your purse to make it through a long play or even to enjoy in a traffic jam (fitting a bottle is not so simple, believe me, I’ve tried, purse size notwithstanding).

Opinion: How Is Wine By The Glass A Thing?

If you are planning on having a glass of wine with your dinner and you live alone, wouldn’t some device that properly preserved the wine (aka a bottle stopper, or one of those combination locks so your roommate can’t steal) more fully serve the purpose? Some of the best bottles of wine cost under $10 so this innovation also doesn’t come cheap.

On the other hand, I can see how this one wine glass bottle would help with self-discipline. We know the scenario well. Just a glass of wine before bed turns into two, and, by golly, there’s nary a glass left there’s no point keeping an almost empty bottle of wine around. However, with Standard Wines’ new contraption, it’s just a glass of wine and you’re done.

In conclusion, while I admire those who take proactive steps towards maintaining a level of self-control in regards to wine drinking, I’m certainly not one of them. If I open a bottle of wine, I fully intend to finish it, solo or not. After all, mama didn’t raise a quitter.