Opinion: United Breweries Launches “Non-Alcoholic” Kingfisher Radler And We’re Not Sure Why

Kingfisher beer is, without a doubt, one of India’s best commercial lager’s (don’t @ me). While the company may have had it’s share of *ahem* controversies, it looks as though United Breweries is gearing up for it’s toughest fight yet – entering the non-alcoholic beverage market.

Yep, you read that right, UBL, the makers of Kingfisher and the price-point worthy UB Beer, is foraying into the non-alcoholic drink market with Kingfisher Radler. According to UBL Chief New Business Officer Ramesh Visvanathan, “United Breweries is widening its product portfolio and addressing new consumers and new consumption occasions. This product category, malt based non-alcoholic beverage, is growing fast in Europe and we are pioneering the effort in India.”

Opinion: United Breweries Launches "Non-Alcoholic" Kingfisher Radler And We're Not Sure Why

Punching Above Their Weight?

While the Kingfisher Radler will be sold at outlets that carry soft drinks, the question must be asked – who exactly are they targeting. According to a statement Kingfisher Radler is targeting ‘health-conscious, young adults looking for new alternatives’, but I’m not so sure how well that will fly.

While we haven’t been able to access the nutritional value of the Radler, we’re pretty sure that the health conscious young person is too busy chugging sparkling water (even if it may or may not be artificial) and boba tea.

From what we’ve heard, the Kingfisher Radler probably isn’t the best substitute if you’re craving a beer and you got to settle for the next best thing. And honestly, who wouldn’t rather just grab a soft drink as opposed to sipping on a ‘malt-based drink’ without the alcohol percentage?

As a Kingfisher beer lover, I have to say I don’t think I’ll be switching to its non-alcoholic counterpart anytime soon – because no great story starts with a non alcoholic drink!