Opinion: Would You Try Candy Cane Flavoured Chips?

The festive season has officially begun, and companies are trying to cash in at every opportunity. While that has brought about some crazy (awesome) candy and amazing alcohol gifts, there has been some riff-raff as well. The largest entrant to the latter category has to be the candy cane flavoured chips (crisps in the UK) that Tesco has produced.

And, no, we’re not kidding. While outlandish flavours are the name of the game when it comes to the festive season (take the pumpkin spice pizza, for example) Tesco has clearly crossed the line here. To make matters even more bizzarre the chips reportedly have a pinkish tinge to it and are flavoured with peppermint for a “sweet and salty experience,” something we clearly never asked for.

In a clear attempt to drive up their Christmas sales with a ‘novalty’ product, the candy cane chips are only going to be around for a ‘limited time’ (thankfully). At least, if you’re in the mood to experiement, the confused Christmas chips will only set you back by a pound for a 150 gram pack. Which, in any case, is far more than I’m willing to pay for that abdominable flavour.

Let us know what you think about the holiday flavoured chips – hit, or a miss?