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Opinion: This Man Pretended To Be Stood Up On Valentine’s Day For Free Food?


Let’s get one thing straight, Valentine’s Day sucks (unless you’re making a profit) whether you’re single, coupled, married, or very single. So, honestly, we weren’t that shocked to find that a CIS White Male pretended to be stood up to score a free dinner (you know, because if it was a POC they would probably be arrested, we’re looking at you Starbucks).

You can check out the whole riveting Twitter thread below where ‘Stephen’ live-tweeted his encounter.

It starts off (predicatably) with Stephen’s original tweet going viral, and continues with @baconflavoring, understandably, trying to take advantage of his fleeting internet fame by actually completing the dastardly deed. However, it does end with Stephen staying at the restaurant 25 minutes after closing time (not so cool) and leaving after a couple took pity on Stephen and paid his bill.

Stephen did, gamely donate $50 to ACLU, and he did tip his waiter, so it sounds like he’s at least trying to be an all-round good dude. But, pretending to be stood up on Valentine’s Day for free food, when you can afford the meal, that sounds about white to me!

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