Opinion: The Swineapple Is The Latest Viral Food Fad And We’re Not Impressed

If you’re one of those people who doesn’t think that pineapple goes on pizza then you should avert your eyes. The internet is no stranger to food that is dark and full of terrors (read: baozza, avolatte) but the Swineapple is really in a league of its own. The Swineapple is basically a pineapple wrapped in salty bacon and stuffed with sweet pork loin.

Sounds a bit dodgy to me, but, to be fair, I absolutely despise pineapple on pizza. In fact, I think it should replace gluttony in the Seven Deadly Sins (but that’s just me). It seems as though the Swineapple has been around since 2015 but it only recently regained internet fame this summer (that’s what happens when people have too much time on your hands).

I absolutely adore bacon, but the pineapple is putting me off my game. More surprising is the fact that a survey conducted by Metro showed that 72% of people would eat the Swineapple. While I understand that white people are pretty touchy about their pineapple pizza, this really is next level.

This is not like adding a few raisins in the Turkey stuffing, this is a whole damn pineapple we’re talking about. Also, how do you eat it? Is there gravy? Does one lather it in ketchup (that’s a joke, not a serving suggestion)? Does the pork take away that awful prickly feeling that pineapple gives you?

So many questions, but if I had to decide, I’d give the Swineapple a wide berth. I think it’s best to stick to putting pineapple in your cake (maybe fruit salad) instead of disgracing the holy sanctity of bacon!