Opinion: Strawberries As A Pizza Topping, Oh Hell No

Because pineapple pizza just isn’t controversial enough, strawberries are making their debut on top of our favorite Neapolitan delight. And no, I’m not kidding. Twitter user @Moonemojii posted a picture of the horror inducing dish captioned “strawberries>> pineapples” and my collective consciousness is vomiting.

While I’m certain that Moonemojii’s love of strawberry pizza is due to a serious case of moonshine, he could also be taking the mickey. Playing on the fact that pineapple pizza is so polarising, Moonemojii must have known what was coming by tweeting the strawberry monstrosity (two words I never thought I would say together).

In fact, on Twitter, even pineapple pizza lovers think that Moonemojii has gone too far, and (dare I say it?) I agree with them.

However, some pizza purists got a bit violent, and I can’t say I blame them.

But, perhaps the most upsetting thing of all is that Moonemojii isn’t sorry at for potentially creating a dish fit for the Antichrist.

In the immortal words of Catherine Zeta Jones in Chicago “he had it coming!”