Opinion: A Sexy Cow Logo Has Caused Massive Backlash Online
December 10, 2017
Christina George (1386 articles)

Opinion: A Sexy Cow Logo Has Caused Massive Backlash Online

Thanks to internet anonymity, it’s become fairly common for everyone to have an opinion on pretty much everything. A woman named Amy Tingle recently weighed in on Dairy Air (a play on derriere) Ice Cream Co.’s logo featuring a ‘sexy cow’ and I must say, her point of view is certainly worth a read.

According to Delish, the store logo is a cow with a sizeable behind. The cow also has makeup on and braided hair. The ice cream shop also has menu items with names like Backside Banana Split, Oprah’s Favorite Fanny, Sweet Cheeks and Chocolate, Devil’s Derriere, Spankin’ Strawberry Moon, and Mexican Waffle Wedgie. Here’s what Amy had to say.

Unsurprisingly, her post was massively polarising, with people either supporting her or wondering why she is such a ‘prude’. However, Amy’s point about rape culture isn’t to be disregarded or taken lightly. While Dairy Air’s intention was probably meant to be ‘fun’ instead what was achieved was far from that.

The overt sexualization of women is something that has been spoken about many a time and by many people. While many of us are trying hard to create an environment of respect and equality this logo is a step in the wrong direction. Dairy Air’s logo normalizes sexual objectification which is one of the very reasons that people say Tingle is overreacting.

When men and women are subconsciously (or consciously) taught from a young age that sexual objectification is the norm, rape jokes become funny (because it’s just a joke, no one is actually serious about it), young girls feel the need to sexualise themselves so their peers find them attractive (which leads to slut-shaming), and the term ‘they were asking for it’ becomes heard more often.

In the world we live in, catcalling women and casual instances of sexual molestation are a daily occurrence, victim blaming is not the exception, and women are routinely told to ‘take a joke’; but, it’s not funny, and we’re done laughing.


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