Opinion: Did We Really Need Pumpkin Spice Pizza?

The pumpkin spice apocalypse is upon us, and even Martha Stewart is tired of it. While we’ve gotten accustomed to the PSL’s, and various pumpkin spice flavoured candy, nothing could have prepared us for the latest passenger on the pumpkin spice bandwagon – pumpkin spice pizza.

According to Delish, Villa Italian Kitchen is serving Pumpkin Spice Pizza starting today! The pizza combines pumpkin pie flavors and pizza. It starts with Villa’s homemade dough, has a layer of pumpkin pie filling for sauce, and is then topped with whole-milk mozzarella. Extra dollops of pumpkin pie filling are then added to the top after your pie is baked.

What’s The Fuss?

So, it’s basically a pumpkin pie but with cheese and a fatter crust which no one will eat? Honestly though, who thinks of these things? Is it a dessert pizza (which isn’t pizza, just fyi, fight me on that) or a mix of sweet and savoury (not the best)?
While Villa Italian Kitchen seems to think it is going to be a hit, I have to say, I have my doubts. Apart from the social media addicts and “basics” there doesn’t seem to be much of a market for pumpkin spice pizza. If you want the full pumpkin spice treatment, wouldn’t you just get pumpkin pie?