Opinion: Is Pumpkin Spice Basic? Martha Stewart Thinks So!

We’ve all been subjected to the onslaught of memes declaring autumn’s arrival and the shift to all things pumpkin spice (yes, even all the way here in India, where we don’t even have seasons). While we may not have fall per se, we’ve watched enough movies and even eaten pumpkin pie (not a pie, you can fight me on this) to try and understand the white man’s obsession with pumpkin spice.

We’ve laughed along to memes featuring the basic starter pack (always featuring the Pumpkin Spice Latte) but pumpkin spice always seems to elude us. Not literally, of course, it’s fairly easily available if you order online yet I’ve probably only really tasted pumpkin spice once, and to be honest, it’s not really a ‘spice’ (come to India to find out what spice is, and yes, we know that when you say spices you mean cinnamon).

We all know someone basic (posts their Starbucks every day, uses #basicaf ‘ironically’) and we know that they would jump at the chance to post a picture of their PSL which leads us to believe that pumpkin spice may really be basic after all. Lucky for us, the queen – Martha Stewart – is here to set everything straight.

When asked on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, “Martha, pumpkin spice everything: delicious or for basic bitches only?” Martha responded, “The latter.” And who would dispute the word of a woman who recreated that epic scene in Ghost with Snoop Dogg?

The authority on all things food has spoken, and she agrees with me, pumpkin spice is basic af (and you can fight Martha Stewart on that!)

Feature Image: Michael Phillips/Getty


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