Opinion: Are Pringles Dill Pickle Chips Proof That Pickles Are Taking Over The World?

Let’s just get one thing straight, I do not have anything against pickles. Pair ’em up with a sandwich or as a side for your burger and you get a lovely hit of acidity that cleanses your palate. However, what I am against, is the mass manufacturing of all things pickle flavored.

Think I’m overreacting? First, there was a pickle juice soda (why anyone would want to drink that I don’t know), then pickle flavored popsicles (who knows, could be refreshing), pickle flavored beer (why, god, why),  a monstrosity of a sandwich labeled the chickle, and now we’ve got Pringles Dill Pickle chips. Honestly, it’s all a bit much.

When did we become so obsessed with pickle flavored things? Since pickles are a side, wouldn’t one rather enjoy regular flavored drinks and snacks and use the pickles as garnish? Honestly, the most surprising thing about it all is that people absolutely love any and all things pickle flavored, even the pickle juice soda barely got any hate!

Perhaps it’s the sneaky influence of MasterChef normalising the terms ‘savory dessert’ but I’d prefer to keep my palate intact with a regular lager, please.