Opinion: Post Cereals Created A Chicken and Waffles Cereal, And What In Tarnation?


Strange food combinations make their way to our website fairly often, so we’re not frequently shocked by the outlandish innovations. However, as proud cereal lovers, we cannot, in good conscious, allow Post Cereals to go unanswered in respect to their latest creation – a Chicken and Waffles Cereal!

Hitting shelves in Walmart on March 7th (which is National Cereal Day, just FYI) you can try the gnarly sounding cereal for only $2.98. While chicken and waffles is not a completely outrageous combination (contrary to what we may think here in the subcontinent), a Chicken and Waffles cereal seems like a case of taking a bad thing and making it worse?

We think this Twitter user summed up our feelings on the ‘cereal’ with this tweet:

Fortunately, there will be some respite from the assault on our senses as representatives at Walmart clearly stated “that once boxes are gone, they’re gone for good.” Well, good riddance? And, also – WHAT IN TARNATION?