Opinion: Pizza Hut In The UK Is Launching Vegan Pizza And People Are Stoked
December 2, 2017
Christina George (1506 articles)

Opinion: Pizza Hut In The UK Is Launching Vegan Pizza And People Are Stoked

Pizza is almost everyone’s favourite food (unless you’re some sort of psychopath) and it’s definitely one of the things that people really miss out on when moving to a vegan diet. However, for those in the UK, Pizza Hut is now selling a vegan pizza, complete with vegan cheese courtesy of Violife. The announcement was tweeted for all to see, and as expected, people were pretty stoked.

However, it was pointed out that Pizza Hut is charging an extra pound for the vegan cheese option, and people weren’t too happy about that.

While others were just happy that some progress was being made.

However, none of their vegan bases are gluten-free, as the pizza chain reminded everyone that “Pizza Hut kitchens are not gluten-free environments”, so if you are on a vegan and gluten-free diet you’ll find yourself out in the cold on this one. Unfortunately, this is one of those halfway happy situations that will leave some people drawing the short straw.

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