Opinion: Pineapple Christmas Trees


Christmas is around the corner (okay, a month away, but still) and everyone seems to be getting into the holiday spirit! Decorations are going up, and advent calendars are being opened. However, there is one decorating trend that seems to have suddenly exploded this year – pineapple Christmas trees – and they certainly are adorable!

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I mean, just look at them. Cute as a fruit, and an easy replacement for a miniature Christmas tree. Honestly, we can’t find much to bash about it, however, being the nitpicker that I am, I did have a few questions.

First off, is the pineapple Christmas tree disrespecting the Christian symbolism of the evergreen tree (aka the tree of life)? Secondly, is replacing an evergreen tree with a perishable equivalent (we all know pineapples don’t have the longest shelf life) a viable alternative?

While people have been known to diss the wine bottle, or beer bottle Christmas tree, at least they last the whole season right? Also, think of all the fun you’ll have while gathering the material for your tree (a definite win for me).


However, in my opinion, at the end of the day, the Christmas tree is a symbol (whether pagan or Christian, let’s not get into that right now) and as long as it remains such, your Christmas tree can be made out of whatever you want.