Opinion: Pimple Popping Cupcakes

I must admit, I do love watching Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos. It does give me an odd satisfaction seeing that massive pimple come to naught. It’s almost like a personal victory against pimples (against whom I fight whenever the opportunity arises). However, something disturbing has been popping up (pun intended) on my newsfeed in the last couple of weeks – pimple popping cupcakes.

Thanks to Facebook’s scarily accurate algorithm, the pimple popping cupcakes seemed to follow me throughout my browsing. As stubborn as, well, a pimple. One would think I would be delighted. A combination of food and one of my most pressing passions (whenever anyone would let me at them), what could I possibly be complaining about?

People Try Pimple Cupcakes

Alas, and alack, when finally confronted with the pimple popping cupcakes that seemed to align perfectly with all my desires, I found myself squirming. Mind over matter, I told myself as I silently cursed my backstabbing body, you’ve unconsciously wanted this as much as you never knew you wanted chocolate coated potato chips before it happened.

However, to my dismay, I couldn’t get through a single video without (gasp) gagging. A feeling of intense discomfort crept over me every time the cupcake was pinched and prodded, leaving a trail of white icing gunk in its path. I’d like to note that my love for actual pimple popping had not abated, so I hadn’t gone weak.

I suppose it has everything to do with the fact that the white gunk actually goes into your mouth at the end as well as the discomfort the cupcake had to go through. Luckily, I wasn’t alone, various other pimple popping lovers admitted that the cupcakes made them uncomfortable as well (and yes, we set up a support group ASAP). How did you feel about the pimple popping cupcakes?


    October 29, 2017 8:53 pm

    I’ll be entering a dessert contest at work in a couple of weeks, three of my bosses will be judging the event. I plan on making these cupcakes and truly hope my bosses will have the same reaction while eating my entry.


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