Opinion: PETA Is Trying To Get Tofucken Into The Dictionary

Thanksgiving is upon us, and controversial turkey dishes are coming up left right and centre. Turducken, which is essentially a mix of turkey, duck and chicken, is no stranger to controversy, with many people claiming it’s a ‘bastardization of turkey’ (FoodBeast’s words, not mine).

However, that’s nothing compared to the tofu delight (disgrace?) that PETA is trying to get recognized by the Merriam-Webster dictionary. Tofucken (I swear I didn’t make that up) is the tofu equivalent of turducken, thought up by our favourite grandmother on YouTube – Granny PottyMouth.

With copious amounts of swearing, Granny PottyMouth makes a case for the tofucken (we’re pretty sure she knows what it sounds like). The tofu block is stuffed with tempeh and wrapped in seitan (yes, we’re also wondering where the fucken comes from). PETA said the dish is widely used in the vegan community and deserves its own entry as an official word in the dictionary. You can read the whole letter here.

While we’re happy that vegans can have their own tofu alternative to turkey, PETA supporting Granny PottyMouth calling us meat eaters douchebags is slightly hurtful. Of course, the additional shade they throw in the letter towards meat eaters also doesn’t go unnoticed.

For example, the letter says, “The demand for vegan holiday dishes like tofucken has never been higher, as millions of Americans now celebrate a meat-free Thanksgiving for environmental, religious, or health reasons or, most likely, because they know how cruel factory-farming and slaughtering turkeys, chickens, and ducks really are.”

Thanks for all the shaming PETA, but some studies show that veganism may be harming the environment and ecosystem as well. However, it’s all good, each to their own, but don’t try and tell us that tofucken isn’t a ridiculous sounding word, I’m sure we can all agree on that.