Opinion: Is NY’s Continental Bar Justified In Its Intolerance Of The Word Literally?

Recently, social media has been set alight after photos of a sign posted outside a dive bar in New York, Continental, went viral. The sign posted on the window clearly reads, “Sorry but if you say the word ‘literally’ inside continental you have five minutes to finish your drink and then you must leave.”

To be fair to Continental, literally is literally (see what I did there) one of the most incorrectly used words in the English language because, quite literally, no one knows the correct usage of literally. One week later, Continental updated the sign to include the message ‘stop Kardashianism’.

While a few New Yorkers have been up in arms about this *ahem* policy, what really gets their (figurative) goat is that the owner seems to have racist policies, and it looks like this policy was ‘literally’ the last straw.

While the ‘literally’ policy may or may not be discriminatory (depending on your grammar proficiency) and may perhaps fall under the jurisdiction of the ‘right of admission reserved’ sign, what is certainly unacceptable is racially discriminatory door policies. Continental is set to close its doors on July 1 and I literally can’t think of any better news.