Opinion: Millennial Pink Doughnuts Are Here, But They’re Made Out Of Beetroot

It seems to have been universally acknowledged that the doughnuts of the days of yore just don’t quite cut it in today’s ‘millennial’ environment. Seriously, don’t tell me that you knew what ube was before the start of the year (don’t worry, neither did I). However, kiss the ube doughnuts goodbye as Crosstown Doughnut has, what we’re sure will be touted, ‘the next best thing’ – millennial pink doughnuts.

There’s just one catch – they’re made out of beetroot. Yep, your least favourite vegetable (or, at least my least favourite vegetable) is now ‘on fleek’ and people are scurrying to eat the beetroot flavoured (hued) doughnuts by the dozens. To be fair, the video is quite mesmerising, even to my cynical eye – and there’s no doubt your doughnut Insta post would get loads of likes (or at the very least, ‘impressions’).

However, what is perhaps more shocking than anything is the fact that they’ve managed to get Millennials to start eating their veggies in the way that their parents never could (just ring up your mum and tell her you’re eating beetroot doughnuts, she’ll be astounded). Is the real trick behind Millennials’ eccentric tastes the fact that they just wanted an appealing way to eat their veg, whilst simultaneously showing the world how edgy they are?

Did the secret lie in the thought that beetroot could only be cool if their peer group agreed it was? If mum had made avocado toast for us while we were kids would we have enjoyed it as much as we do now? Now, that’s something to think about.