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Opinion: KFC’s Fried Chicken Commercial – Why The Rage?


KFC released a new advertisement, in what we think is an attempt to focus on the fact that they use fresh chicken. However, it did cause quite a bit of traction on the internet, because, nothing on the internet is safe. You can watch the entire advertisement entitled ‘The Whole Chicken’ below.

The slightly bizarre video features a live chicken strutting its stuff, set to DMX’s X Gonna Give It To Ya. However, the backlash seems to prove that people aren’t happy with how the live animal is depicted in relation to the fried chicken restaurant (because no one knows that fried chicken comes from real live chickens). And, of course, Twitter went it.

While some people were perturbed, apparently because they’ve only now grasped the concept of fried chicken (spoiler alert: you kill the chicken). Some were grateful for the education that a bopping chicken brought.

Commenters pointed out that there’s no way a chicken would be that happy knowing it’s about to be slaughtered and deep-fried and that the footage was “distressing” to vegetarians and vegans. Additional complaints were made that the commercial painted KFC as only serving chicken and nothing else with the tagline: The Whole Chicken And Nothing But The Whole Chicken.

However, the Advertising Standards Authority acknowledged that some folks found the ad “distasteful” but there won’t be any sort of investigation into the video since the commercial is unlikely to cause widespread offense. The ad also does not break any existing rules or regulations.

At least people now know where fried chicken comes from.


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