Opinion: Food Jenga Because Just Instagramming Your Food Isn’t Enough

Let’s be honest, nowadays eating out isn’t so much about tasting delicious, new foods, as it is about posting that perfect shot on Instagram. However, it turns out, that even that isn’t cutting it these days, as a ‘daring’ (who uses that word about an Instagram trend) new trend has emerged where you essentially play food Jenga to get that perfect shot for the ‘Gram.

Asia ???? #kualalumpur #malaysia #jenga #foodjenga

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Apparently, playing with your food is a totally acceptable way of life for the 300 odd Instagrammers (public posts) I was able to find. While some people have really put their heart and soul into creating ‘works of art’ for the ‘Gram like the one above (definitely just art, only a criminal would eat all those papaya seeds), some efforts are clearly lazy (PS. everyone stacks their pancakes, Jane).

We suppose that these Food Jenga participants most likely either enjoy eating cold food, or they aren’t really serious about eating that food after all (much like the activated charcoal trend) and are really just in it for the Insta post. Either way, we wouldn’t want to risk any of our food hitting the floor (or table) as a result of a substandard decision, we’re poor millennials after all!