Opinion: Don’t Go Overboard With Your Food Resolutions For 2017

The new year is here and with it comes all the resolutions that everyone vows to follow for the rest of the year. But most don’t even get through the first week of the new year without breaking one or two resolutions and a lot of the time, it has to do with our vices. It’s not a bad thing, to not have resolutions, but it’s also really hard if you don’t have the will power. Often we start the new year off by saying we’re not going to eat junk food and we’re going to only eat sweets once a week or we’re going to stay off alcohol till our birthday or we’re going to cook more and eat healthy and just do things that nobody else would even think of doing. Because we like to challenge ourselves and we want to try something we’ve never done before.

But keep one thing in mind; overdoing your resolutions can also be a bad idea.

Especially when it comes to changing your food habits, you need to be very committed. Very often what happens is that we decide not to eat sweets for the first six months of the year in hopes of helping our bodies cut back on the amount of sugar intake, but then when the six months are up (if you really do push through till the end) you stuff your face with sugary goodies and you not only gain all the weight you’ve been working so hard to shed, you can also get sick. It’s not really a great way to spend the year.


A possible solution

Pick easy food resolutions instead of really hard and complicated ones. Decide to give up one or two things, instead of trying to give up everything at once. So if you’ve decided that the new year is going to have less sugar, pick the things you can live without and put that on your list. The best thing to do – and this is from personal experience – is to not give up the food that you love the most, because you’re going to spend the last day of 2016 eating just that and then spend all of 2017 going through withdrawals. But what you can do is cut out the rest.

So if you’re giving up sugar, but you like donuts and brownies, keep those on your list of things you can still eat while you put cupcakes, cakes, chocolates and that extra spoon of sugar in your coffee or tea on the resolutions list. Gradually you’ll start missing those things as well and you’ll be fine. But putting your body through the withdrawal is never fun.

And it’s not just dessert that you need to be careful with, it’s everything that you eat. If you’re an organised person, make a chart and plan it out. And the best part is, you don’t have to rush into your resolutions starting January 1st, you can take your time giving up these things, just as long as you do. And keep in mind that giving up sweets and heavy foods will not help you lose weight, you’ll actually have to exercise as well, because the balance is what makes things easier.

Keep it simple

The basic idea is to keep your resolutions simple and easy to follow. Like you would decide on your regular resolutions, keep the food side simple and easy. Make your list easy to follow, stick it up on your fridge so that every time you decide to eat something on your list, your own message will remind you to not reach for it!

Good luck this year, eat healthy and have a good time!