Opinion: The Combination of Booze and Desserts, Do We Love It Or Hate It?

Maybe it’s considered a food trend, or maybe it’s just something that people have been waiting forever for. But mixing alcohol with food is now becoming increasingly popular. And not just any food, but desserts. Over the years, making meat with wine or whiskey has been normal and it’s something that almost every chef does. The alcohol adds to the flavour of the meat and even soaks through and helps it cook properly. But mixing alcohol with dessert? That’s taking on a whole new level.

It’s not a bad thing and not necessarily a new thing either, but it’s still something that is taking the world by storm. Earlier this year, Wine Ice Cream was introduced where they produced ice cream blended with red and white wine and served at a Farmer’s Market in the States. It was popular and has grown since then. Lots of people agree that mixing alcohol with ice cream gives it better consistency and adds to the texture as much as it adds to the flavour.

There’s an ice cream brand that makes alcohol infused ice creams. Aptly called Tipsy Scoop, this brand has everything from Tequila to Martinis as well as Maple Bacon Bourbon and Buttered Rum! It’s an interesting idea for sure. As kids, we believed that ice creams were meant for us to celebrate something or the other. And while desserts like ice creams aren’t meant for only kids, adding alcohol to the ice cream really makes it very adult and something special for us to enjoy.

Ice cream is not the only childhood ‘dessert’ that is getting infused with alcohol. Slushies are the next big thing. It’s not ‘new’, but it’s definitely interesting. And more than that, it completely distracts you from the fact that your slushie has alcohol in it because the coldness is perfectly refreshing. Like ice creams, you can infuse almost anything with the slushie. The difference here is that since drinks are served with ice anyway, it’s not that much of a stretch. What makes it unique is the amount of alcohol that is added into each serving, to compliment the juice or the amount of ice that’s already there in the glass. All in all, you can walk through a mall sipping on an alcoholic slushie and nobody will know the difference.

Now the big thing is mixing red wine with chocolate. A few weeks ago, a red wine hot chocolate made an appearance and it sent the internet into a tizzy. It’s perfect for the cold weather and a combination of two things that are seriously so darn good together that people forget that it can work as a combination. And the best part? It’s not gourmet made, you can do it at home by adding red wine to your finished glass of hot chocolate and top it off with marshmallows. And voila, done.

But the newest alcohol-dessert food trend that is taking over the world are the Red Wine Brownies. It’s not just about the high, but about the combination. Loved the red wine hot chocolate, then this is exactly what you need next. Again, easy to make at home as long as you have all the ingredients. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to make these brownies, but it will definitely help you get through a long and painful week.

Now that we’ve told you all about the alcohol infused desserts, what do you think? Is the world taking it too far or is this exactly what we’ve been hoping for all along?