Opinion: Chocolate Easter Bunnies Taking Selfies Are A Thing And I Don’t Know Why

One of the great things about Easter (apart from Jesus’ resurrection, obviously) is all the chocolate. Chocolate Easter eggs, chocolate bunnies, what’s not to love? Candy companies usually hit out of the park selling all that chocolate in the pretext of a holiday that has nothing to do with bunnies or chocolate, for that matter, but what’s Easter without chocolate bunnies?

We’re all big fans of the chocolate eggs, and even though the chocolate bunnies are sometimes hollow and don’t taste that good, we still accept them. However, R.M. Palmer announced that it’ll be adding “Selfie Bunnies” to its line-up of Easter chocolate in 2018. As expected, the selfie bunnies would be chocolate bunnies taking a selfie with a chocolate phone.

Opinion: Chocolate Easter Bunnies Taking Selfies Are A Thing And I Don't Know Why

And these chocolate bunnies aren’t like any you’ve seen before. For starters, they’ve got bright blue eyes (because we all know just how common blue-eyed rabbits are) and hold cell phones in their paws (which means they have opposable thumbs, obviously).

Just FYI, the bunnies are hollow (another disappointment, probably the greatest one). However, the selfie bunnies did get me wondering whether there really is a market for these ridiculous looking ‘Easter chocolates’ and made me realise that there must be. And, honestly, that’s sadder than making bunnies take selfies for likes.