Opinion: All Black Chicken, Would You Try It?

It’s almost Halloween, and ghoulish looking food seems to have taken over everywhere. From jet black cocktails to, you guessed it, all black chicken. But before you jump to any conclusions, this chicken is all natural. The Ayam Cemani Chicken (or Silkie) is a rare breed of chicken from Indonesia that’s completely black: beak, bones, skin, meat.

Halloween Special

If you live in L.A. you could actually try it, Hainanese style! Dubbed the “Ghoulish Chicken” you can try it at E.P & L.P in Hollywood, CA. The Ghoulish Chicken will be served at E.P. starting October 26 to 31 and will be accompanied by pickled cucumbers, scallions, chili, and garlic — all meant to be enjoyed family style.

Opinion: All Black Chicken, Would You Try It?

While there’s no doubt that the Ghoulish Chicken will set you back a pretty penny, as they actually have to be bred, it pretty much just tastes like regular chicken. In essence, the Silkie is like a coloured diamond, the components are essentially the same although the rarity of the colour makes them a delicacy.

Black Chicken In India

In fact, we actually have a type of black chicken here in India called the Kadaknath chicken. It’s mainly found in Madhya Pradesh where it is reared by the tribal communities of Bhil and Bhilala. However, it’s not for the faint-hearted. The rich black colour, is, dare I say it, pretty unappetising.

Opinion: All Black Chicken, Would You Try It?

As a person who gets squeamish about eating normal chicken, the photos of the whole bird being put into a black vat that resembled a Nat Geo disaster was too much for me. It honestly looked as though the poor chicken had been in an oil spill, that would definitely put me off my supper.

Much of the time, when it comes to trying ‘unique’ food, it really does come down to mind over matter, and I seem to have failed miserably. I do wonder though, does the Silkie still classify as white meat?