Opinion: Beer Made With Pee Now Exists And I’m Not Quite Sure What To Think

In what I can only describe as a completely unprecedented move, I am completely flummoxed (no, the title wasn’t clickbait). Like many young, broke adults in the world today I love beer. A little for the taste, but mostly for the price (it is cheap). Also, like many young adults (humans) I have been deeply programmed to believe that food and human waste should be kept as far away from each other as possible. So beer made with pee is a bit of a dilemma for me.

Let’s get a few of the details first. Nørrebro Bryghus, a Danish microbrewery located in Copenhagen, is now using human waste water to help brew their new “Pisner” beer (yeah, I know, obvious much). However, they’re not actually using the urine in the actual brewing process; rather, they’re fertilizing their barley — which will eventually be utilized to brew the beer — with the waste water.

Opinion: Beer Made With Pee Now Exists And I'm Not Quite Sure What To Think

Here’s where it gets even more tricky. Vang, the chief executive of the brewery, told the International Business Times that he was gung-ho about the idea. Any guesses why? It’s because he’s always looking to further his company’s efforts to experiment with organic and recycled beers. Great, major wrench thrown into my thought process.

On the one hand, people that have sampled Pisner say that it doesn’t taste like pee at all (how do they know what pee tastes like though?). On the other hand, my mind has been so completely programmed against the drinking of beer made with pee, or pee (astronauts are an exception). They’re also recycling waste with a good thing. No matter what Trump says, global warming is real!

If this filtering process is sustainable, that means that we’ll be able to have a long-term source of drinking water (yes, I’m thinking about the children). We’ll also have a sustainable beer source – Pisner sounds pretty darn good to me!