Opinion: Eating Bananas May Help Pregnant Mothers Have Boys?

Whenever there’s an expectant mother in the family all the old wives’ tales come out in full force: eat lots of ghee (why?), don’t lie on your back (how else does one lie at 9 months pregnant?), drink barley water (sounds awful). However, it turns out that one of these rumours, namely the one involving eating bananas, could be true.

According to Delish, there may be some truth to the rumours floating around that eating bananas could better the odds of having a boy child. Researchers surveyed 740 women during their first pregnancy and found that those with a diet high in potassium (one of the main vitamins in bananas) were more likely to have a boy. The same was said for women who had higher calorie and sodium intakes.

Opinion: Eating Bananas May Help Pregnant Mothers Have Boys?

While the author in Delish found that people were willing to do anything in order to ensure they had a girl by ‘cutting the fruit out their diet’ one can only imagine that the news of this study would result in the opposite approach here in India.

Banana sales in the subcontinent would skyrocket, leading to shortages around the country as mothers-in-law would vie for for every last banana. Banana chips would become a luxury item, sold off in the black market to the highest bidder. Banana hoarding would become mainstream with aunties pawning off their gold in order to get ahold of the precious commodity.

Imports of bananas would become a necessity as the current account deficit would increase beyond measure sending the BOP spiraling out of control. Lucky for us, however, the banana eating benefit would be easily debunked by Mrs. Sharma declaring that her daughter-in-law had eaten 10 bananas everyday only to bear a daughter thereby avoiding an economic breakdown of drastic proportions!