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Opinion: The Avolatte – How Did We Go So Wrong?


I must add a little disclaimer before this article. So, here it goes: in no way am I against avocados or avocado food trends (you can read up about my love for avocado dishes here) however, I cannot stand idly by while an avolatte is on the loose. For the uninitiated, an avolatte is essentially a latte served in an avocado peel.

While I understand restaurants need to stay current and make the news, and while I understand a hipster’s wild obsession to keep their Instagram avant-garde I just cannot understand being served coffee in what is essentially garbage.

That being said, I did enjoy the latte served in a waffle cone because I love coffee and I love waffle cones. The cone made the coffee taste better as well as serving as an absolutely Insta-worthy latte. Undoubtedly, you would be hard-pressed to convince me that an avocado peel makes the coffee taste better. Because really, how can trash (literally) make anything taste better?

Also, how sturdy would an avocado peel be? Is the avolatte structurally sound? How would one drink the avolatte without any accidents? These are all questions in my mind, apart from the obvious idiocy of drinking coffee from decomposable trash.

Please don’t use examples of people drinking cocktails out of watermelon or pineapple shells to justify the avolatte. First off, those shells are structurally sound. Second, you can’t get a second-degree burn from spilling your drink thanks to structural inadequacies.

To me, this latte reeks of social media marketing. No one thought it was a good idea, people just assumed that they would wow people with the shock factor (kinda like the rat cafe) which would make their cafe blow up on social media (which it has). Kudos to all the netizens out there for ensuring that no matter how bad an idea is, it will end up on our newsfeeds.

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