‘Only Vada’ Is A Street Food Joint In Chennai That Celebrates Traditional Vadas

Vadas are a South Indian treat, or a delicacy as one might say. It is a snack that has it’s origins in the South, made with a delicious set of ingredients and spices, and deep fried to perfection. Made from grams like the Bengal Gram, vadas are commonly made in the shape of doughnuts or thick, flat circles. They are found in almost every South Indian home, restaurant, places for street food in Chennai, and catering too. Typically, a vada is enjoyed with breakfast as an accompaniment to the traditional idli and sambar. The preparation of this dish involves common spices and ingredients like peppercorns, cumin, chillies, onions, curry leaves and so on. The batter completes the preparation, and when served hot, it is best enjoyed with a helping of chutney or sambar. Vadas have many variants as well like the uddina vada, parippu vada, batata vada, masala vada, ulundu vada and so on.



What is ‘Only Vada’?

South Indians truly love their vadas and that’s a fact. Only Vada is a street food joint located in KK Nagar in Chennai that dishes out speciality vadas for the hungry. If you’re on the go and would like to quickly indulge in some vadas, this is where you stop. The small space that the joint offers lets customers sit down for a bit and quickly enjoy some hot and freshly made vadas. Of course, you can enjoy as much of it as you can, thanks to a well-priced menu that’s easy on the wallet. But of course, like every street food joint in the city, this one aims to cure your hunger with meals as well. You can indulge in a little bit of the daily specials, curd or sambar rice, and even a vegetarian biriyani. Only Vada is exclusively vegetarian offering a decent range of snacks and a dinner menu. Of course you can’t forget about adding in that vada!



What you can eat:

The varieties of vada served here include Spinach Vada, Plantain Flower Vada, Medhu Vada, and Masala Vadai. You can also get Curd Vada and Sambar Vada here, something that many enjoy. An average cost for two here would be Rs. 150.