Online Food Ordering Apps- New Trend in India

Welcome to the future, when food delivery is just a click of an app away! Companies can now count on apps to reach customers so easily, provided that the app has these things: functionality to people’s lives, is user-tested and well-optimised, has a good marketing strategy and a well-built interface (as cited in an article in April 2015). Now we see apps for calling taxis, online shopping, GPS tracking, games, so why not for the basic necessity of humans, that is, food? This is an aspect of mobile app development that is very promising for today’s food businesses. In India, we can already see food startups sprouting such as iTiffin and Faaso’s that have varying strategies and situations when it comes to venturing the online food ordering app. In this article, we’ll explore on the potentials of food app development and what it looks like today.

Google is now involved in India’s online food ordering app

Just recently, Google has come into an affiliation with various food ordering service providers in India such as Dineout, Bytplus, Swiggy, and Zomato. These companies have devised their own unique online food ordering app that allows Indian customers to conveniently order food or make a restaurant reservation from their smartphones. With Google’s recent efforts on improving and updating their Google Search function, people in India can now directly do these actions straight from the search results page. With their joint efforts, ordering food or booking a table will now only involve the Google Search function on Android or iOS. At this moment, this Google Search feature can give you more than 11,000 food establishments across the 10 major cities in India.

Normally, you can view important information like a restaurant’s address, contact details, and hours of operations when you look it up on Google Search. But with the recent updates, once you type a search query for the specific restaurant of your choice, the Google Search results will now allow you to “Place an Order” or “Find a Table” simply by clicking on these aptly named command buttons that goes with the name of the restaurant. Clicking “Place an Order” will redirect you to the restaurant’s page on the service providers like Swiggy or Zomato and let you choose from the menu. The “Find a Table” command will forward you via Bytplus or Dineout to your favorite restaurant’s main website and let you book and confirm your advanced reservation.

How other food establishments are doing

The online food ordering in India will never be the same again, and this is proven by both the customer’s satisfaction and the restaurant’s booming business. Many food startups have devised unique food preparation plans today that just shows the success of the online food ordering app industry. From the 11,000 restaurants involved in this mobile app development, here are some note-worthy mentions that have displayed great development and have benefited well from this online food ordering trend in India:

iTiffin – The Intelligent Tiffin, is a Bangalore based food startup that delivers healthy and calorie-defined food. Their famous “Munch Box” is an organic food tray specially planned for people who are diabetic, weak-hearted, and elderly people. They also provide healthy school lunch and snacks to children at schools for healthier options.

Faasos – One of the few earliest food ordering services in India, Faaso’s started way back in 2003. They were the pioneers on using Twitter and a call center for food ordering. Their dedicated mobile app has over a million downloads and counting, and 90% of the food orders come from it.

Eatonomist – Aiming for the healthy options, Eatonomist has 10-day menu planner option devised by nutritionists for individuals following a specific diet plan. They also innovated a hygienic, environment friendly and microwavable packaging style.

Snackosaur – They led a fortnightly snack subscription service consisting of an assortment that surprises their customers each time.

How you can start your own online food ordering app for your business?

In this world where convenience is a commodity and every second counts, mobile food ordering is the next big thing. Restaurant and food ordering mobile apps have developed into a progressively more significant factor for the growth of any modern food business. Customer reach must be the highlight to contribute for the success, too. There are many third party mobile application developers that can give you affordable but effective professional-looking apps despite your lack of coding skills.

Conceptualise a marketing strategy to grow your to-go business

But like any business venture, an up-and-coming mobile app won’t be enough to get you smooth sailing to success. A good marketing strategy must also be established along with its inception. The third party app creator you will hire should include vital features like location-based messaging services, mobile commerce and flexible payment options, push notifications, customisation options, social media integration, media galleries, loyalty schemes, and mobile discount coupons. With these, you can devise a marketing strategy emphasizing your unique edge against other brands.

There are other systems that are possible with Food App Development

But online food ordering apps don’t just offer convenience to customers. They also help on other concerns such as remedying excess food waste. With fixed ordering, restaurants don’t need to make food that will serve as stock. Most restaurants with mobile apps also go for eco-friendly and recyclable packaging to both save costs and save the planet.


India’s Internet population is the second largest one in the world where an astounding 70% of sales take place on mobile apps. In recent India news updates, the food ordering app industry is seen as a huge potential to go global. India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi verifies this saying that the Indian food industry can take over the world by storm. While the diversity in India is more than enough to attract people, the connection modern technology offers can unite people to our heritage and strengthen the tourism industry. Technology has truly transformed the modern man’s daily life and livelihood. Today, as a startup business, you must recognize these developments to succeed in building an online presence.

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