Onesta Comes To Kamanahalli And There Are A Million Reasons You Have To Visit!


For those of you true blue Pizza lovers in Bengaluru, if you haven’t been to Onesta yet, there’s a lot you’re missing out on. Trust us. Kamanahalli recently saw the launch of its very own Onesta, and we headed over to taste a little bit of all the magic we’ve heard about. To celebrate the launch, the awesome folks at Onesta was offering its patrons a range of pizzas, appetisers, drinks and desserts – on the house! 

Upon entering Onesta, we were pleasantly surprised. The dining space is huge, to say the least. Located on the terrace, this restaurant has been lit up brightly with LED lighting that gives it a bright and warm ambience. If you’re looking for a place to enjoy a beautiful Bengaluru evening while you dine on great pizza and enjoy conversation with friends and loved ones, this is the place to be.


To start our brilliant evening, we had a portion of herbed wedges, which was – to our surprise – bread wedges, and not potato – topped with olive oil and herbs. The bread was soft and fluffy while the olive oil added the perfect moisture. The herbs accentuated the taste of the bread. We also quenched our thirst with a peach ice tea and a green apple cooler. Both were equally delicious to say the least We were onto a great start.



The pizza that we started off with is one of Onesta’s delectable creations that is delicious and unique. The chicked stuffed crust margharitta pizza. Yes, the crust was stuffed with chicken while the rest of the pizza slice was a delicious flavorsome margharitta! 


The sausage and onion pizza was a delight to the tastebuds. The spicy and flavorsome sausages and the crunchy was the perfect balance of flavors and texture. This pizza was everything you want a pizza to be!


To finish off this pizza party for two, we topped up on their bite sized desserts. The dessert platter was a range of treats that were enticing and delicious and left us feeling momentarily enlightened. They included tiramisu, an apple mousse, ginger cinnamon mousse, coffee mousse, blueberry blast, and a caramel tart topped with walnuts. The caramel tart with walnut and the coffe mousse, however, were the stars of the evening. The caramel and walnut came together to form a taste that can only be described as joy. The coffee mousse was surprisingly light , though it was creamy and absolutely velvety and soft.