One more way to enjoy coffee – Coffee ice cream recipe video

Coffee, the one thing that helps you prepare for the day. There are thousands of benefits of coffee. But the most appreciated ones are – coffee doesn’t just wake you up, it helps you tolerate that annoying morning person you know and coffee is the only companion when you have to pull an all-nighter and finally coffee probably understands how much you need it.
The only other thing that comes up to par with coffee is, that’s right – ICE CREAM! Ice cream soothes you when your nerves get the better of you. Ice cream simply cools you down when the sun is too hot to bear. Ice cream is ice cream.
And it’s just utter bliss when these two come together. Coffee ice cream is the ultimate companion for getting through a hard day. Why? Because the coffee keeps you going and the ice cream keeps you pepped up.
You need to know how to make it at home when the walk to the nearest store seems like mission definitely impossible. Watch this video by David of the One Pot Chef Show on how to make a quick and easy ice cream!