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One Great Reason among Fusilli Reasons


We chatted over “Pink” Garlic bread and steaming hot pasta with Janak Davey, head chef of the ever-crowded Fusilli Reasons in Chennai

Janak Davey is the proud owner and head chef of Kilpauk’s newest pasta hub. They’ve been open since October 2nd last year and are looking to go into their second outlet pretty soon- and with pasta like theirs, we’d say the sooner the better! Hint: Gopalapuram, you could be the lucky one. 


The all-vegetarian joint promises one thing and one thing alone; and delivers that in style: Pasta like never before. 


Coming back to the pink garlic bread that should have confused you just a bit. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, meet Pink Mayo. Beetroot hides in this creamy delight that sits on top of buttery garlic bread. If it’s not been evident, a must- try. 


Moving to the star of the show, the ‘reason’ you need to wait in queue to get into this lovely space, Pasta.  Your choices are simple: Mixed, white or red. We were our usual greedy selves and wanted mixed and, who can miss the cheese, white. Both, nailed to perfection. Two chefs constantly pile little plates with the heavenly, saucy pasta and you’re allowed to yell, “Awesome Sauce” and mean it, this time. 


Tiny milk bottles of Tang and Iced tea are available to wash things down. 

Feeling Italian? Your pocket will lead you to Fusilli Reasons. 

What we had: 

Pink Mayo Garlic Bread 

Mixed Pasta 

White Sauce Pasta 

Iced Tea and Tang