This Is The One Food Disaster That Left Chef Kunal Kapur Totally Shaken

It doesn’t matter how talented you are or how good you are at what you to do, when it comes to performing in front of an industry senior, even the best of professionals can crumble under the pressure. And that’s probably something Chef Kunal Kapur would vouch for.

In a recent interview to Femina, the chef spoke about his cooking aesthetics, his journey till here, and also revealed the one incident that would qualify as a “cooking disaster”. Talking about his training days – with the Taj Group of Hotels, no less – Kapur recalled the time he was to prepare something for the (then) head of training and development, Chef Arvind Saraswat:

“I prepared a three-course meal for him. When I served my first dish—dahi ka shorba—he looked at me furiously. Then, he yelled at me and stormed off to his office. Shaken, I couldn’t understand what I had done wrong. Then a senior chef pointed out that I had not given him a spoon with the dish. Though I was very upset, I realised that no matter how good your dish is, if you don’t serve it right, then it’s pointless.”

So now we know why every dish that comes out of the MasterChef Judge‘s kitchen is as delicious as it is flawless. And may we just add that to take back a learning from an experience as scary as this one is a skill in itself!

This Is The One Food Disaster That Left Chef Kunal Kapur Totally ShakenImage: Chef Kunal Kapur

The chef spoke about some of the meals that he’s prepared. The most epic one being the satvik spread that he laid out for Prime Minister Narendra Modi and German Chancellor Angela Merkel in Bangalore. The South Indian banquet catered to a mix of Indian and German palates.

“There was just one fish-based dish—everything else was vegetarian. This was done deliberately so we could showcase the culinary art of India featuring simple vegetables prepared in a fresh, satvik way.”

But Kapur’s journey to becoming the Indian – and German – Prime Minister’s chef de cuisine has not been without rebellions and memorable stories either. Read the full interview to find out all about that, here.


Feature Image: blogger