One Brave Reddit User Made A Great Canadian Heinz Ketchup Cake

At the back of many food products you pick up at the supermarket, you’ll find some instructions on how to use them. For some, like instant popcorn or instant noodles, the instructions will simply say “microwave for  a minute” or “combine the seasonings with the tastemakers and noodles”. For other products, instructions will include how to use them in recipes; at the back of a Nutella jar you may find a recipe for Nutella pancakes, while at the back of a peanut butter jar you may discover a recipe for a peanut butter bar. Perfectly acceptable recipes, right?

Recently, however, Heinz Canada appears to have lost the plot a little; at the back of some Heinz Ketchup bottles, there’s a little snippet telling consumers to head to to learn how to make a – wait for it – Great Canadian Ketchup Cake. Now, we’re quite sure that that’s not a traditional Canadian dessert.

Heinz Ketchup

Even more bizarrely, a Reddit user decided to actually try making the ketchup cake.

The Heinz Ketchup Cake

While he was baking it, Greggory Nuttle posted live updates on Reddit as well as three YouTube videos. First, he starts of by explaining the ingredients which include Magic baking powder, red food colouring and peanut butter:


Once the cake is baked, he then decides to feed it to his dog. Poor thing:



Finally, he calls over a few friends to try the cake – he can’t eat the cake because he’s a vegan (although he does try a slice later). One friend says “it’s a perfectly acceptable cake.” Another said “it’s moist, its sweet, it’s gingery.” 



Despite their positive feedback, we don’t think we’re going to be trying to bake a ketchup cake anytime soon. Now a chocolate cake…that’s a different story – get a recipe for one here.