Ola Cabs Delivers Sweet Surprises On The Occasion Of Their 2nd Anniversary

Ola Cabs is making news today, and it has something to do with cupcakes. Yes, cupcakes! Who would’ve thought? The cab company, on the occasion of their second anniversary, treated a few lucky people in the city with the chance to have a few cupcakes delivered to them, where ever they are. We found a couple of excited customers who just couldn’t wait to share the joy of their new Ola-themed cupcakes coming in a box. 

How it worked is, you would have to be on the app (and you don’t need to travel), to find an option to book your cupcakes and have them delivered to you. And did you have to pay for it? No. It was absolutely free. After talking to a few lucky ones, who also enjoyed their free sedan ride for the day as part of Ola’s celebrations, we got to know that not only were the chocolate cupcakes so good, they were also set to vanish from the app by 5pm in the evening, quite like a’grab it while it lasts’ offer. Although we missed the bus on this one, here’s what it looked like:



Image courtesy: Sharad Sundar