Oh my Gouda, 99 Cheeses in one Pizza!

You have to be cheese-in’ kidding me!

Johnny Di Francesco, award-winning pizza chef, has created the Pizza, to give other pizzas a complex. We’d like to call it ‘The Cheese-er 99’er’. This pizza, inspired by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, has got us drooling all over the keyboard. 

The masterpiece is available at Melbourne’s 400 Gradi and is definitely worth the trouble of flying out there. 


“I tried six different times before I got the right texture and the right flavors. I quickly learned that you had to melt down the cheeses so that you wouldn’t get stringiness. You had to use the right cheeses. For example, you couldn’t melt down mozzarella because the curds break down”, says the genius Cheese-man. 

You just take the Cheese, Johnny!