Officials Seize Expired Food Products In Kochi

Expired products like children’s health and protein supplements and adulterated chocolates were seized recently by the officials at the Food Safety Department of Marudu in Kochi reports FnB News. The food items were found in a warehouse and includes brands like Milkos and Mulberry. The warehouse has reportedly been used for storage of more than 50 children’s food products.

Expired Food Products

“The department has seized the samples of about 20 suspected products for failing to adhere to the quality standards laid down by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI),” said K V Shibu, assistant commissioner, food safety, Kerala to FnB News. “The department has submitted the samples to the Regional Chemical Centre and is awaiting the results. Manufacturers are indubitably involved in the sale of adulterated food supplements. The whole operation may have been carried out by the manufacturers as they seem to have distributed new labels to cover up these expired products.”

Officials Seize Expired Food Products In Kochi

“There are certain types of food supplements that do not perish even after the expiry date. The workers have chosen those, wrapped new labels around them and sent them for further distribution,” he added. FnB News further reports that a preliminary action has already been taken. “The company godown has been sealed and the license of the distributor has been suspended. A fine of Rs 1 lakh has been imposed on the distributor. Further action can only be taken when the Regional Chemical Centre gives the results,” stated Shibu.

The incident has reportedly led to a mass drive of checking various products in the market. “The officers will be collecting various food samples from shops and malls. These samples will be further sent to the regional analytical laboratory for checking. Officers will also be conducting surprise investigations at various godowns in the coming days. A special team has been constituted to associate with the health wing of the local body,” said Shibu.