It’s Official, Panda Express Is Coming To India in March 2017, Read On For More

Earlier this year, we reported that Panda Express was going to make its Indian debut by the end of 2016. However, a new report says that the American-Chinese chain of restaurants will enter the Indian market by March 2017.

JSM Corp. Pvt. Ltd, the company that runs Hard Rock Cafe and California Pizza Kitchen, is all set for the launch of Panda Express in the country. Jay Singh, co-founder and executive director at JSM said, “We will open two Panda Express outlets in Bangalore next year.”

Currently, JSM has 26 outlets of six brands in its portfolio including restaurants like Shiro, The Big Kahuna, Ginger Tiger and Asilo. Singh also said that they are introducing a new restaurant format as well soon.

Hard Rock Cafe is celebrating 10 years in India and in line with that, the company is hoping to add two more outlets of the restaurant chain in the country. HRC contributes almost 40-45% to JSM’s overall revenues. However, Singh added that the growth had slowed for the past few months. In April this year, JSM had announced that it was planning to raise Rs. 200 Crore to expand the number of current outlets in India and bring in new brands as well. But they’ve put these plans on hold and Singh added, “We were trying to raise funds almost a year ago but we had to pull out our plans because of unfavourable economic environment.

It’s Official, Panda Express Is Coming To India in March 2017, Read On For More

Founded in 1983, Panda Express introduced a whole new kind of cuisine into the American market with their brand of American-Chinese food, which includes dishes like Orange Chicken. This style of cuisine has been in the food industry for years, introduced by Chinese immigrants when they came to America. Obviously over time, the cuisine has gotten a few modifications, but the basic style is the same. And soon, India will be experiencing what is known as American-Chinese food.