Ocean Spray Wants To Tap Into The Cranberry Market In India

Ocean Spray, an agricultural cooperative based in Massachusetts which grows cranberries and grapefruits is looking at entering the Indian market.

All About Ocean Spray

Ocean Spray has over 700 member growers in areas like  Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New Jersey, Oregon, Washington, Florida, British Columbia.

It produces cranberry sauce, fruit juices, fruit snacks and dried cranberries.

Ocean Spray Comes To India

A delegation from Ocean Spray recently visited India. It’s chairman, Peter Povitar Dhillon said  “We went India to explore opportunities of doing business there.”

“As a global company, we recognise the huge potential of the Indian marketplace. India has the fastest growing middle class and it is the world’s youngest country in terms of the age of its people.”

Ocean Spray Wants To Tap Into The Cranberry Market In India

“We went there to understand the marketplace because the culture of doing business in India is very different. It was a very positive trip. Now we are thinking about the best ways to educate Indians about the unique benefits of cranberry,” he added.

Recently, cranberries have become a popular health food. Research has found that cranberries can lower the risk of urinary tract infections, particular types of cancer, can improve immune function and decrease blood pressure.