“Obviously the plot is similar… everything else will be different”, Padampriya On Chef Remake

Saif Ali Khan-starrer Chef trailer recently dropped and received a bunch of mixed reactions from everyone. And while most of them were good, some people couldn’t help but point out the many discrepancies between the original Jon Favreau version and the upcoming Bollywood remake.

However, leading lady Padampriya isn’t hassled with mixed response. In a recent interview, the actress said, “obviously the plot is similar, but apart from that, everything else will be different. The food, the setting, everything is very different from the Hollywood one, because there are cultural differences between the countries.

“My character in this film is not like Sofia Vergara’s, as women in America are different, and here they are shaped by different sensibilities. Also, in contrast to the Hollywood film, this one dwells deeper into the relationship between Saif’s and my character,” the 35-year-old added.

“Obviously the plot is similar… everything else will be different”, Padampriya On Chef RemakeImage: The New Indian Express

The actress first saw the original Chef in New York where she was pursuing Masters in Public Administration, way before she started working on the Hindi remake, so as an audience we can probably take her word for it.

Speaking about her experience she said, “as I was staying in New York, I could connect to it more, because of the food. I really liked it back then, and thought it was a really beautiful film”, adding that while the movie has a “universal appeal” because of the food, it’s also relatable because it highlights “the fact about how a person goes through crap in his life, and comes out of it in the end. It’s also about the family, so it’s pretty universal in that sense, and that’s why I think it will work here.”

Directed by Raja Krishna Menon, Chef follows the journey of a successful Michelin-starred chef who goes on a road trip in his food truck to rediscover traditional Indian food along with his son. The movie is slated for release on 6th October, 2017. Watch the trailer below.


Feature Image: Ragalahari