An Obese Dachshund’s Drastic Weight Loss will shock you

How did he do it? He gave up Pizzas and Burgers

Easy enough? Well it wasn’t for Dennis the dachshund. He found it as hard as the rest of us. Dennis weighed a whopping 56 pounds. His owner was a hoarder and had been feeding the pup mostly burgers and pizzas. Brooke Burton, the owner’s niece, finally decided that enough was enough. She convinced her uncle to let her adopt the dachshund in June 2013 and take him back to her home in Columbus, Ohio, Burton told the Associated Press.

 “The vet said he would not have made it another month there,” Burton told People Pets, noting that Dennis was very dehydrated and suffering from skin infections.

 An Obese Dachshund's Drastic Weight Loss will shock you

Burton then changed Dennis’s diet and he started eating dry dog food and going on lots of walks with Burton. He didn’t take it too well and was depressed at first but now the 6 year old has lost 44 pounds and happily chases squirrels and plays fetch.

 Dennis lost so much weight that he would trip over his excess skin and it started to get infected, Burton said. He had to have three surgeries to remove the skin.

 An Obese Dachshund's Drastic Weight Loss will shock you

Dr. Kathleen Ham, the veterinarian who performed the skin removal surgery on Dennis, said it is a good lesson to not feed pets too much.

“We have an expression: Food is not love,” Ham told the AP. “Most of what your pet wants from you is affection and attention.”

 Although, Burton says Dennis still gets excited at feeding time. “He does a little dance,” Burton told ABC-affiliate WSYX-TV.